Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 30

Spring Break Day 4


We got up this morning and got ready to walk over to Aaron’s “new school” (Minnieland, a day care) starting in the fall. I filled out the lengthy registration form and we headed over. Here he is ready to go to school. He looks like a big boy already!


We were very excited to take Aaron for a visit and see what he thought of the whole thing. It is a very different environment from the home day care he has been going to, but we want him to be in a structured environment with lots of kids his own age as he gets closer to starting school. Aaron’s big sister Courtney went to the same place 10 years ago (she is 14 now!) and remarkably, some of the same ladies are working there.

IMG_3558 IMG_3560 IMG_3561

Aaron did not really interact with the kids (they were involved in their group activities) but he did look around a lot exploring the fish tanks and different center areas. He cried when we had to leave (apparently going to Costco is not as fun as being at Minnieland). We really enjoyed our tour and meeting the directors, and Aaron seems VERY excited. Now we just have to finish getting him potty trained by the last week in August…here’s hoping.

We have had a GREAT day of PT today! Aaron has been clean and dry all day (as I write this post at 7:45 pm!) and even did the tiniest of poops in the potty. He actually ASKED to use the bathroom while we were in Target and was successful! We had lunch at Popeye’s (Aaron has NO appetite these past few days) and headed home. Aaron did NOT take a nap, AGAIN, but I went out to get a massage that I received gift cards for Christmas 2008! Ahhhhhhhh. Now we are enjoying Lion King together with some more rice pudding. (I can’t explain it, I have just REALLY been enjoying rice pudding!)

I am going to get to work on my grad school paper, due Sunday, and fit in scrapping and chores as I make progress on that.

Here is Aaron with an AMAZING happy face he just drew, and playing Handy Aaron with his party favors.

IMG_3562 IMG_3595


Finally, Aaron got Daddy’s glasses and wanted to look like him. CUTIE!

IMG_3622 IMG_3623 IMG_3628

March 29

Spring Break Day 3
Well, we all felt crappy today, and my lack of pictures reflects that. Aaron has a gross cough, the kind that other moms turn their head and glare at in a store. Chris got a horrible gross blister from raking yesterday (he wore gloves) and he is achy and has a headache. We all have stuffy/runny noses and Chris and I are getting sore throats.  All three of us laid in our bed together just resting and watching some BabyFirst channel. We did a lot of tidying up around the house (I had quite a bit on my Spring Break to-do list) and Sam came over for dinner. Once again, Aaron did not take a nap. We played on the floor with Aaron’s new birthday toys a lot today, especially his police station. Chris and I watched Angels and Demons while I continue to scrap my butt off. I only have two pictures today. One is the load of laundry I had to do today. It was our worst day of potty training yet, three accidents, lots of messes! The other is a clean corner of my room, which I am pretty proud of considering how crummy we were feeling.
IMG_3523 IMG_3526

Monday, March 29, 2010

March 28

Spring Break Day 2

Far fewer pictures for Sunday because the picture taker spent most of the day on grad school!! Here’s what I did catch…

I had to make a new potty chart today because Aaron finished one yesterday. He requested a Thomas potty chart, so I bought Connie Prince’s Chugga Chugga Choo Choo Kit at SM with my discount code from the Feb challenges and made this! I love being able to use a coupon!

train potty chart copy

Aaron and Daddy spent a lot of time together today because I was working on classwork


signs of Spring…my hydrangeas are on the way back!


Chris went out to rake leaves and Aaron “helped” by smacking the leaf piles with a stick. He is wearing my old jacket that my parents brought with them on their last visit. How cool is that? Aaron calls it Mommy’s jacket.

IMG_3466 IMG_3468 IMG_3471

Aaron DID take a nap today, thank goodness…after dinner, Aaron worked in his new tracing books from Auntie Kelly, Uncle Caleb and cousin Cameron. He did a great job! I like the one with the ants where he decided not to trace the lines, but to make his own between the lines.

IMG_3478 IMG_3482 IMG_3486 IMG_3491 IMG_3493 IMG_3507

Then, Aaron wanted to play with his new Playdough numbers set from “girl Cameron”


while I made some rice pudding. I quite often get a hankering for rice pudding. In our house, the only true rice pudding recipe is Chris’ mom’s, but it has been misplaced somewhere in the house. The only true substitute is Kozy Shack (my hubby is REALLY serious about rice pudding…) but we didn’t have that either, so I thought I would look online. I found a basic recipe, thinking it would be better than no rice pudding at all, and I was right! It was delicious, and Aaron and Chris liked it too.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 27

Spring Break Day 1

Aaron is feeling crummy again, thankfully no real fever, just LOTS of runny nose, sneezy, coughing kind of stuff. In the past day he has done a hundred times better at covering his sneezes and coughs. Here he is watching some Thomas on Sprout.


And then he snuggled with Daddy…


while I got started on my discussion board posts for the week.


While we were eating lunch, a package came for Aaron, a birthday gift from Malinda, Rick and Mady. It was the fire chief that goes with his Lego/Duplo fire station and he was really excited!


Then while I was looking out the window, I noticed Ashley left something behind while she was packing her car for her trip to Alabama…


…poor little velcro roller.

It was in the 30s this morning when we got up, and a bit windy, not exactly what you picture for Spring Break. Aaron did not take a nap, so after 1 1/2 hours of listening to him babble and call for us while I was trying to do grad school reading, I gave up and we went to play outside. It had warmed up to about 50, still windy, not exactly pleasant, but I thought I could wear him out so he would go to bed early. That never works. We had A LOT of fun outside though! We made his little climber into a fort and had snacks and read books inside.

IMG_3329 IMG_3335 IMG_3341 IMG_3365 IMG_3369 IMG_3377 IMG_3380 IMG_3394 IMG_3400 IMG_3425 IMG_3426 IMG_3433 IMG_3444 IMG_3450

The other highlight of the day relates to potty training. We decided to go full out underwear during this week since we aren’t traveling, or really going anywhere out of the house for extended periods. He did a great job today, even filling up his buggie potty chart for a little surprise. He did not pee in his underwear all day, but he did poop in it twice. We are really proud of him for his progress so far.



Saturday, March 27, 2010

Some (old) New Releases from 3/19

LAST Friday, there were some great products that I scrapped with and never got up on my blog, so here goes.
First, Andilynn released a set of Quickpages made by the Creative Team with Fair Are the Meadows. Don’t they look great? I made two of them, shown below, and I am so proud to be part of something that is in the shop!

5a49c156195e3e6874d8ebffb1e316ee ald_Fair Are The Meadows_QP_kmkarayannis ald_Fair Are The Meadows_QP2_kmkarayannis copy

Also, Sarah Bennett released a beautiful kit (I think this is one of my favorite things from her store) called Memories of You. It is the primary kit I used to decorate this blog.  I love the browns and blues and greens together, which I think is the same thing I said about Andilynn’s Fair Are The Meadows last week! I made two pages to show off this kit. One is of some pictures I took of Aaron at the dinner table while learning about using my camera on manual, and the other is Week 2 of my P365 pages.
0aa46e22423a29ed7b1991baa11c74ce i love your face copy Week 2 copy
Good stuff, right? Go get it!