Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 23

I think my front bed is just absolutely stunningly beautiful. I love to stare at it (which has nothing to do with me being sick of working on my paper).

Thanks Mom :) The fact that it looks good and the fact that I love it, I owe it all to you.

IMG_5885 IMG_5889 IMG_5890 IMG_5896 IMG_5899 IMG_5902 IMG_5903

Monday, May 24, 2010

May 22

I’m working…all weekend. Don’t interrupt me. (interrupt me PLEASE, i’m going NUTS!!!)

Aaron loves bell peppers. Not like watermelon, but these and cucs are his favorite veggies. I am really happy about how much he loves his veggies. This time he asked me not to cut it. He said it wanted to eat it like Rafiki. HA!!!

Don’t get the reference? Well…you must not be a true fan. See below.

IMG_5808 IMG_5832


scary, huh?

May 21

Who needs a master’s degree anyway? What the heck am I thinking!@?!?@?

Oh right, right…today’s picture. Some 7 year old kid came in my house Friday after school and put his feet up on my grading chair and started reading a new Lego Club Jr. Magazine. Not sure where Aaron is.


May 20

Watermelon days are here!!!! This kid can EAT some watermelon. I don’t touch the stuff, but we have a watermelon in our house at all times in the summer. He could eat it for every meal.

IMG_5752 IMG_5785

Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 19





this boy


the end.


May 18

This is Aaron’s back :(

He is bending over to show me the injury, and his little bottom is at the left side of the pic. This is a day AFTER the injury…wish I caught it that day because it was pretty awful, but if you can see those faint bruises among the scrapes you get the point.


He was fussing or crying about some injustice in his life and flung himself over the ottoman so hard that he bounced right off…onto a large metal toy dump truck.

and then he screamed.

and then I ran.

and his back was red and scrapped up and I just can’t stand stuff like that and I had to try really hard to keep my welling tears under control. Luckily he let Chris put some cold on it and it is all okay now. As usual. More about Aaron’s hairy Greek back….um….never.

May 17

Aaron REALLY enjoyed the cupcake we brought home for him from the birthday party. Clearly.

IMG_5676 IMG_5682

Saturday, May 22, 2010

May 16

Phew, yesterday was a big day for us! We had the walk-a-thon, Ashley’s dear friend Brandi Casey arrived for a week long visit, and we went to our school friend’s (the same one in this post) SUPER cute Sex-in-the-City themed birthday party. Chris and I do not watch the show, but she sure planned EVERY detail to the utmost. It reminded me of when my cousin Malinda hosts something, or when my mom and aunts did showers for us girls…every teeny thing was considered! It was pretty dark, so hard for me to get shots without flash, but here are a couple.

 IMG_5624 IMG_5628

First, the adorable cupcake tower, look at those wrappers! The candle on top is actually in a real cupcake. On the right you can see the tray of favors, different ones, all labeled with names (as were our plastic cups!)


cosmo cake


and there is the birthday girl making her wish!

And TA DA, here is Chris with the girls, Ash and Brandi Casey! I wish we got more pictures with her while she was visiting, but she and Ash had lots to see and do. She was such a sweet girl who fit right in.

IMG_5640 IMG_5643

May 15

Today was the annual Got Hope Walk-a-thon at Edison. Check out the info…
It is an amazing event organized by amazing students. Aaron has been to every one since he was born, and here are some shots from this year, the first time he actually did laps around the track on his own! He made a little friend, and loves being around the big kids. (you can click on any picture to see it a bit bigger)
IMG_5505 IMG_5506 IMG_5513 IMG_5521 IMG_5525 IMG_5529 IMG_5536 IMG_5540 IMG_5542 IMG_5549 IMG_5552 IMG_5561 IMG_5564 IMG_5565 IMG_5573 IMG_5578  IMG_5586 IMG_5601

May 14

Where the heck have I been???? Working on a paper of course. Well, it is due May 23 at midnight, and I just have to take a break, so here is some catch up. I have been taking pictures, thank goodness!


She’s on her way!! (Brandi Casey, that is!)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Template Blog Train!!

Hi! Welcome to the Designs by Sarah Bennett CT Template Blog Train! Thanks for coming to my blog. I’m Kim in Virginia, and hopefully you just arrived here from Katie’s blog. I am SO excited to be a part of this blog train. I have ALWAYS wanted to do this and this a GREAT group of scrappers!


Here is the template I have for you, I hope you like it!
SBBlogFreebie_kmkarayannis_Template preview packaged 
Grab it here. There are png files included.

I made this template based on my layout called “All I Need is a Place to Read”

a place to read copy

I made this layout with the adorable Storytime Kit that you can find here.

Your next stop on the train is Li’s blog, so head on over to pick up her awesome template.

Li http://libeingcrafty.blogspot.com/

In case you get a little lost here is our blog train itinerary of all the CT participants.

CT Blog http://designsbysarahbennett.blogspot.com
Trish http://justthe6ofus.net/
Katie http://scrappingwithkatie.blogspot.com
----> Kim http://karayannisfamily.blogspot.com/
Li http://libeingcrafty.blogspot.com/
Jamie http://jamiesscrapblog.blogspot.com/
AmyM http://melniczenkomusings.blogspot.com/
Kendall http://majorscrapitude.blogspot.com/
Becky http://hodgeypodgeblog.blogspot.com/
Britanee http://britaneesscraps.blogspot.com/
Amanda http://mandasmemories.blogspot.com/
AmyP http://amyp-unforgettablemoments.blogspot.com/

Sarah has some awesome products in her shop at Scrap Matters don't forget to stop by there too! She has an adorable new kit out today called My Buddy.


Here is the layout I made about Aaron’s little dino friend named Pinty. How cute are all the wire accents and that alpha?

waiting for Pinty copy

Thanks for stopping by. Have fun on our train and please leave a comment if you download, I love visitors!!