Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 17

no picture today either.

June 16

Picture by Aaron…so you get what you get. The iPad.


June 15

no picture today

June 14

Subway and movie??? not quite…every once in a while we like a change of pace…and what could be better than…


Come on, you know the tile!!


oh how I love it.

June 13

Some tired guys fell asleep together tonight.


Neither of them was aware of me putting Aaron in his own bed.

June 12


Aaron did some play-dough art today…here is his happy face.



June 11

Here is my silly boy. He found his winter hat and gloves in his dresser and put the gloves on his feet so he could be a bird. When he walked around with his little “bird feet” he looked SO funny!


June 9-10

No pictures for these two days, pft.

June 8


Wow. This guy is tired! We had a hectic day today. Aaron had another appointment with Dr. Lehman for one last set of x-rays before his surgery, and it was right in the middle of the school day. We are trying to minimize how much school we miss, so we took him school, taught first block, went to his appointment, where we learned slightly more about what to expect for his care after we get home from his surgery (more on that later), drove back to school in awful traffic while eating mcdonalds nuggets for which the drive-through lady gave us the wrong sauce (SO ANGRY!!!!), and ran to my class just in time to teach the last block of the day. This of course meant that Aaron did not get a nap. Afterschool he was being a rude sassy rascal and received quite a tongue-lashing. Once we got in the car to drive home, he said, “Sorry for being such a bad brat to you, Mommy” and immediately fell asleep.

June 7


This seems like a simple picture of Aaron in his jammies watching tv in Chris’ chair. BUT!

The Backstory…Today is Tuesday, Subway and a movie, of course. When we picked up Aaron from school today he was FILTHY dirty. It was hot out, he was sweaty, and he immediately announced to us with pride, “I buried myself in the MULCH!”

nice. Well, his playground has black tire mulch, which is enough to ruin one pair of shoes per year and make a little sweaty boy permanently grubby. He has never been this dirty from school before so as soon as we got home I marched that stinky little man right up into the bath. So he was all clean for dinner and a movie. Wish I had a dirty picture of him…but after I held him away from everything, I was too dirty!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

June 24 at Walter Reed

This morning we are at Walter Reed so Aaron can have a CT-scan in preparation for his surgery. His doctor will use the scan to make a 3-D model of his spine before surgery. Aaron is doing great so far as he waits his turn. Each bed up here in pediatric sedation has a tiny tv, and he is watching Disney Jr. We love the nurses on this ward. It's our third time working with them and they are amazing.

This is Aaron with Raquel. She has been his nurse every time and we just love her. 

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 6

Today I was doing better and went to school. While I made dinner, Aaron worked nearby “cooking” something up.


June 5

Today I was sick as a dog and spent the WHOLE day in bed. Awful. I had so many things I wanted to accomplish today on my first non-paper weekend in a while, but alas.

One of the things I didn’t accomplish was taking a picture.

June 4

Today Aaron and I went on a date to go see Kung Fu Panda 2. Now that my big paper is done, I have lots of time to act normal…so we went to the movie and it was VERY fun. He liked his popcorn.


June 3

Today we went out and bought Aaron a new boosterseat for car, and he is graduating out of his big car seat. It is a big boy milestone.

He likes it so far…and it’s not in the car yet.


Also, today is Aaron’s spring show for his school. Look how cute he was dolled up!!


His class was singing two Elvis songs, Teddy Bear and Hound Dog, so the kids were supposed to bring bears and dogs with them. Here is is with his class…and he looked very cute standing up there, but he did not sing A SINGLE WORD of either song. Not one. At least this time he went up on stage willingly, which was NOT the case for his Christmas show.


When we got home, Aaron wanted to play some croquet. Random, but he saw it in the garage and it caught his attention.


June 2

Aaron LOVES chicken nachos! Well…who doesn’t??? We have them about once every two weeks. They are so easy to make, and everyone loves them. It’s a great go-to dinner on a school night and I load them with chicken, corn and black beans, so…they’re not a TOTAL nutritional waste.


May 30-June 1

3 more days with no pictures…but WE’RE IN JUNE!

May 29

We went to a wedding today, and I took a cell phone picture of myself to show Ashley the jewelry of hers I was borrowing :)


May 28

Today Chris took Aaron to Caitlin’s birthday party so I could stay home and work on my big paper. He got some fun cell phone pics that really made me wish I was there rather than working on a stinky paper.

Here’s Colleen with “girl-Cameron” and Aaron, Aaron in the ball pit, and Aaron enjoying a hot dog with gusto!


May 23-27

No pictures for FOUR WHOLE DAYS!?

May 22

Today we are heading back home from the Outer Banks. Here are some silly cell phone pics from our super fun breakfast at Stack ‘Em High, a cool local breakfast joint I read about online.
After breakfast we made it home in just 4 hours!

Monday, June 20, 2011

May 21

Today we are so excited to be going to the wedding of Katie and Curtis. I was Katie’s teacher when she was a ninth grader, and Chris was her teacher when she was a junior, and she was my teacher assistant for two years also. We have become really close with Katie and her family over the years and we treasure her. She is an amazing girl. She is now done with college and headed to Ohio to work on her master’s and getting married to her long time sweetheart Curtis. We are honored to be invited to their special day and as a bonus, got to enjoy a morning on the beach.

first…here’s our breakfast syrup :)


Here is my little man on the beach. Love this.


Got some great pics of Aaron during this trip.






after our beach time and some lunch…it’s off to the wedding!


The ceremony took place at the beautiful Currituck Lighthouse. We saw Katie as soon as we walked up.










The reception was at a house on the beach and everything was just lovely.





and how cute are these pictures of Aaron with his parents???



back to the couple…



They are the new Mr. and Mrs. Grover…and someone put this on one of their gifts. HOW CUTE IS THAT?!?!?


And now for my favorite part…the pictures of Aaron on the beach in his wedding wear.







Okay, that’s a massive post. More tomorrow :)