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Sunday, March 25, 2012

December 31

I don’t have any pictures for today but I know we rang in the new year watching Return of the King, and you really can’t celebrate the start of a new year any better way than that. We had some sparkling apple and grape cider. Also, during the celebratory clinking of glasses (while the movie was on pause) I realized that the reason our Dyson hand vac wasn’t working was because the charger hadn’t been plugged into the wall. My dad TRIED to convey that, but I thought he meant the vac wasn’t plugged into the charger, so I plugged it into the charger overnight and it still wasn’t working. I followed every DAGGONE troubleshooting tip Dyson had to offer, including painstakingly cleaning the entire thing out with q-tips. I was upset because I knew we were not going to be paying to replace such a thing, and I might have had some choice words when I realized what the problem had been. Ah well.

Anyway, I feel compelled to say as I make this post that 2011 was not my best year. Aaron’s surgery and Mara’s death? Come on universe, give me a break.

I am thankful for Aaron’s successful surgery and his continued health. He was a light in the darkest of times in the weeks after Mara died. An anchor to reality who still has needs that must be met, and a reminder of happy things in our lives. I will admit that the first few days, while I was still numb, I did not feel joy even around Aaron, took no joy in him, and that was something that frightened and shamed me. I know now that it was temporary, and I have felt the familiar heart bursting sensation of loving parental pride on a regular basis for the past three months.

My love for him grows stronger as I watch his sensitive soul deal with the loss of his baby sister. My dear, dear son, who sees me start to cry many times a week, comes over, takes off my glasses and brings me a tissue. He wants to comfort me, and says, “Don’t cry Mommy, baby sister died when she was coming out of your tummy. Her heart just stopped and we don’t know why.” He asks to have a few flowers in his room every time we go to buy a new purple bouquet and says he wants them in his room so he can think about baby sister, too. He sees pictures of angels and says, “there’s my baby sister,” and he knows that there are some things that trigger my sadness. He has become comfortable with grief, and with talking about it. I feel that this is the greatest gift I have given my son, an emotional vocabulary and the self-assurance to talk about how he is feeling without being afraid or ashamed. I will be quite satisfied with that legacy.

Monday, January 2, 2012

November 24

It’s Thanksgiving Day! We are keeping it small and quiet this year because (as I have mentioned) I am hugely pregnant. Courtney is with us, but Ash is in Alabama, so we got a small turkey, eliminated some side dishes, and just kept it pretty casz.

Here is the rutabega master masher at work…


Our smaller turkey, which tasted awesome but could have used 30 fewer minutes in the oven.





oh yeeeeeah.


November 15

Christmas gifts are starting to arrive…as I may have mentioned before, I was very focused on getting all shopping and such done early because I knew that being hugely pregnant/having little lady arrive early could make Christmas jobs more challenging. I was really pleased with how much I got done so far in advance and I was right on track to finish Christmas prep well in advance.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

October 31

It’s Halloween!!! On a MONDAY.

Look…it’s Rachel Berry and a Brave Knight!



Now Aaron REALLY wanted to pass out candy, like WAY more than he wanted to go trick-or-treating. While we were taking these pictures, about 10 kids came to our house, the first of which was a brother and sister that go to his school. He was beside himself with excitement as he saw them coming up the stairs. So we kept the trick-or-treating early and short so he could come home and pass out candy some more.


Sadly, even though we were out for less than an hour, once we got back home, NOT ONE person came to our door. Aaron was so so sad and just cried. He sat by our front door with the bowl of candy, and got more and more sad until finally he just laid down on the floor and cried. His little self broke my heart. I felt so bad for him (but took a picture of it anyway).


I also took this awesome shot of my boy…he is so handsome, just look at that face! IMG_6175

and a little candy silliness…yes, we had ALL of that left. Light action on a Monday I guess!


Oh man…a day of school and then trick-or-treating was just TOO much for me. I was definitely hurting the next day.

Monday, December 5, 2011

October 21

Today we brought home Aaron’s class friend, Rufis the dinosaur, for the weekend. We are supposed to spend the weekend with him and write about what we did together, providing pictures if possible. And I DEFINITELY jumped on that opportunity!

Here is Rufis relaxing with Aaron and Courtney enjoying some Friday night TV.


Chris is at Edison late for the Homecoming Game, so we got ready to head over to Aaron’s Fall Festival at Minnieland. Of course, Rufis joined us.


Sarah, Zack and the girls stopped by before we left…


and I dressed as an M&M.




Saturday, October 29, 2011

October 8


Absolutely the COOLEST thing about this Handy Manny party is the cake my sister made. It is AMAZING. She made a toolbox cake and actually hand-made ALL THE TOOLS OUT OF MARZIPAN AND PAINTED THEM! Unbelievable. I would have taken Aarons actual toys and stuck them in a cake. Check it out…




I know, right?!?!?!

Here’s some more party sceneage


Taco bar…


a birthday boy…







Baby Emmersyn, our cousin Malinda’s youngest daughter. SO SWEET! And Aaron loved helping to feed her, GOOD SIGN!


And her big sister Mady…


Handy Cameron!


Cake time!! hehe.



Sunday, September 25, 2011

September 24

Here are some GREAT new crocs I got from Cousin Wendy for my birthday. I LOVE crocs and have lots of cute ones that I can wear to work. They are so supportive and I can totally get through a day of teaching with them.
Today’s is Courtney’s 16th birthday (!!) and we went over to her party at her mom’s house for a few hours. Her stepdad has a motorcycle and of course Aaron HAD to get some of that action.
Here’s the birthday girl and her little brother serving up some expertly decorated cake.

September 14

Here is a little gift show-off. I put a bunch of pillows for our new couch on my wish list. Eventually I hope to have a fall set, a winter set, and so on. So I asked for some fall-ish pillows and Kelly and Caleb sent me two and my mom and dad sent two more! They are pretty!! The two on the left are the new ones. I got two of the green and tw of the terra cotta color, which is actually darker than it looks in this picture.


September 13

Iiiiiiit’s my birthday! That’s right, the big 33! We had a nice dinner at home tonight. Chris and the girls made Rachel Ray’s Chicken and Broccoli Pizza, a family favorite, and then they whipped up Pioneer Woman’s Best Sheet Cake Ever. wow. It was delicious. It MUST be served warm. period.





September 12

Well, Chris and I have decided to go out for my birthday dinner a day early because we are making it a dinner date and Ashley is available to watch Aaron this evening. We took this opportunity to take some pictures while we were all looking nice.








We had a REALLY lovely evening. Ash and Aaron had dinner and a movie, and Chris and I went to Macaroni Grill. They have a new menu and our food was DEEEEELICIOUS! Then we did the grocery shopping on the way home (it is Monday, after all…) and got home in time to put Aaron to bed.