Sunday, October 24, 2010

September 28

Over the summer, I cleaned off the surface of my dresser. It was a project, but I did a good, permanent job. Well, then we came back from our long trip to California, and Myrtle Beach, and as our bags were unpacked, well…this is what happened. Chris said the other day that my dresser is like a curio shop. You can find anything you need to there…a movie, lotion, makeup, an iphone cord, some silly bands, kleenex, coins, an autopia card, disneyland tickets, crayons, you name it. sigh.


September 27

This morning, Aaron did NOT want to get ready for school. Even after he was all dressed and had his hair fixed, he snuggled back into bed and covered his ears when I was talking to him about getting out of bed.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

September 26

OH MY WOW!!! What an exciting evening! Tonight was a ScrapMatters meet at Denise’s house in Manassas. A lot of ladies were here from out of town, and it was just SO AWESOME to meet so many scrappers and designers!
Here are my dear dear scrappy friends, Jan on the left and Shari in the middle. Jan and I got together a few months ago, because she lives here, but Shari lives in Washington state and I never thought we would be able to meet in person!!
Look what Shari gave me!!! It is a tile with a stand. What a special gift!

September 25

Sarah and the girls came over for a little birthday fun! We got a lot of great photos!

Chris reading with Aaron and Lily

IMG_4172 IMG_4175

Sweet little Shelby!

IMG_4183IMG_4193 IMG_4209IMG_4187 

ADORABLE shots of all the kiddos

IMG_4204  IMG_4206 IMG_4205

which I scrapped, with Family Matters by Graham Like the Cracker and WM[squared]…

we are family copy

and finally, some father/daughter shots!!

 IMG_4215 IMG_4226 IMG_4255

September 24

Today is Courtney’s birthday! I hope her 15th year is a good one.

IMG_4111 IMG_4125 IMG_4139 IMG_4142 IMG_4156

September 23

What a beautiful Lily-bug!!


Friday, October 22, 2010

September 22

So I took some more…here is nap in my bed with no shirt, he is SUCH a sweaty sleeper!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

September 21

I love taking sleeping pictures of my boy. I love love love how peaceful and sweet he looks and I know I won’t be able to these for long.


September 20

Mike Wazowski socks!! These won’t fit him much longer…and I just love them.


September 19


Aaron decided he didn’t need a nap today, so I told him he needed to stay in his bed and have quiet time. I went in to spy on him, and this was the scene.

IMG_4086 IMG_4089 IMG_4091

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

September 18

Here are the photos of Lily’s birthday cake for her party today. I think it turned out SO WELL!!!

IMG_3948 IMG_3950 IMG_3951 IMG_3956  IMG_3968

And here are some shots from Lily’s party at Chuck-E-Cheeses!

IMG_3963IMG_3980 IMG_4005 IMG_4010 IMG_4044 IMG_4045 IMG_4053 IMG_4059 IMG_4074

September 17

Aaron is playing with an Ernie-shaped cake pan and a plastic spoon…he says its is sword and shield. :)


September 16


I got some supplies for working on Lily’s birthday cake! It is going to be a GREAT one!!!

September 15


This is Aaron’s lesson plan for last week. This is what we get each week from his school and I love how we can ask him specific questions about what he does each day and have good conversations, rather than a typical “teenage” kind of conversation…"what did you do today?” “Um, I don’t remember.”

Monday, October 11, 2010

September 14


Birthday boots from mom and dad!!!

September 13

Hey, it’s my birthday!! The big 3-2!! I had a great day today. My boomy little students were nice and I got my annual birthday brownies. For dinner, we headed over to Red Lobster for some endless shrimp with our friends.
IMG_3876 IMG_3882 IMG_3896 IMG_3897 IMG_3899 
IMG_3905 IMG_3907 IMG_3912 IMG_3913 IMG_3915 IMG_3922 IMG_3925
I scrapped it…
32 birthday spread copy
with the It’s My Birthday kit by The Design Girl.