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Thursday, January 3, 2013

February 5-11

week 6 copy


Well, my last post was in September, and it was about LAST January 19th. phew. But here we are, and I have a good idea for catching up. on 2012. Stay tuned :)
week 3
week 4

Monday, January 9, 2012

December 14

Buncha phone pictures this week, but at least I have something!

We got our tree all done and set up finally! 012

Here is some work Aaron brought home…he had to write what a seed needs to be able to grow :) I love him!


Saturday, January 7, 2012

December 9

Tonight was Aaron’s Christmas concert. He has gotten better at these each year. His first year he cried and didn’t want to get up on the stage, and did NOT sing a dang word. His second show, he went up on the stage happily, mouthed a few lyrics and looked around. This time, he was excited and sang every word…and did all the dance moves! Aaron is the only kid in a white shirt…although I would like it to be known that the instructions were a solid red, white or green shirt. Santa also made a visit, and Aaron got close-ish, but wouldn’t sit with him.


Monday, December 5, 2011

October 21

Today we brought home Aaron’s class friend, Rufis the dinosaur, for the weekend. We are supposed to spend the weekend with him and write about what we did together, providing pictures if possible. And I DEFINITELY jumped on that opportunity!

Here is Rufis relaxing with Aaron and Courtney enjoying some Friday night TV.


Chris is at Edison late for the Homecoming Game, so we got ready to head over to Aaron’s Fall Festival at Minnieland. Of course, Rufis joined us.


Sarah, Zack and the girls stopped by before we left…


and I dressed as an M&M.




Sunday, September 25, 2011

September 16

Tonight was Aaron’s back to school night, and I just could NOT wait. I wish it wasn’t on a Friday night, but what can you do. Last year, we missed his first back to school night of his whole life, because we got home on Friday and just forgot all about it. I was SO upset with myself and that sure isn’t going to happen again! Here’s a look around his Junior Kindergarten classroom.



Aaron’s having a cookie…and I look as tired as I feel. It’s Friday at 7pm…I should already be asleep with my feet up!


and this is a tribute to my sister…look what Aaron said.




Ashley read to Aaron for a bit…we loved the look on his face.


Friday, September 9, 2011

September 6

Well, it’s our first day of school! Today at Edison all the teachers are wearing our Edison t-shirts, which is definitely a big change for us, but turned out to be pretty fun. We also looked cute with our boy for morning pictures. Unfortunately it is dark when we leave in the morning so there was no cute photo on the front steps to be had.

But we did get some fun and silly shots on the couch.






and after school when Ash got home, we got some more shots!




And then Aaron took some pictures of me and Ash together. He did a great job!


He posed us for some other shots, which was CRACKING us up!!

“How about you guys look at each other and talk to each other on phones with your hands?”


“Okay now Ash you be a lion and Mommy you be a zebra.” (how does one “be” a zebra???")


“Okay now hold these Lego knights.”


and now some with Chris…




and for an afterschool activity today…Aaron wanted to play some games :) Here we are in his playroom.


September 2

*sniff* Today was Aaron’s last day in PS2. Starting on Tuesday, he will be in Junior Kindergarten. Such a milestone! He has done a great job going to school this week and has had wonderful morning behavior. When we went to pick him up, we saw this cute message on his PS2 classroom door and I just had to snap a shot.

Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29

Well, Aaron is back to Minnieland full time now. If you remember older posts about him at school…he always has a great day but is reluctant to go to school in the mornings and can get fussy. We have a pretty lockstep morning routine and that really helps, but along with that is our reward system of getting an afterschool activity together as soon as we get home if he is a cheerful boy in the morning. He was a bit upset this morning, and definitely tired, but we always ask him the night before what he wants his afterschool activity to be the next day, and we keep reminding him about it throughout the morning to help keep him motivated and NOT whining.
I wanted a “first day of school” picture of him, and since he gets to choose his shirt everyday (and then I get out the rest of the outfit so he is at least coordinating) this Cars 2 shirt from Andrea gets a starring role. He is also doing this thing where if I agree to take one picture of him making a goofy face, then he will give me a great smile for the next picture with no hassle :)
Here’s the goofy one…
…and here’s the great smile :) Well…I’ll take it anyway.

He did not fuss or cry a BIT once he actually got to school, so he did in fact get his afterschool activity. He thought up playing frisbee outside and reading a chapter from his castle book.
One of the things that is emphasized in junior kindergarten is writing first AND last names in correct title case. Ashley got these great little dry erase practice writing strips for Aaron, so we tried this for the first time tonight. he has been learning how to write lowercase with me during our “learning time” but we haven’t finished the whole alphabet, and what’s more, I haven’t even STARTED trying to teach him Karayannis yet. But here is his first effort, copying Ashley’s neat version on the top card. Love that little guy :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 15-16

No pictures for these two days. Because we really just hung around the house for the three or so weeks following Aaron’s surgery, it seems that the past two week have been crammed full of a million things to do. We have had doctor appointments, been doing tons of work around the house, little home projects, helping Sarah and Zack with their new place, and also taking Aaron to Minnieland for visits and full days here and there to help him get adjusted back to his school routine. You may have read some of my posts during last school year about how hard we worked to get him on a morning routine that would help him start the day at school cheerful instead of whiny and clingy. Poor guy has to get up at 5:30 on a school day and it’s hard for him. He is shy and clingy when we take him in the mornings but he always has a great day once he’s there. So I have been trying my darndest to keep learning activities as part of our morning routine at home and now we have been dropping back in so he can get back in the groove.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 7


This seems like a simple picture of Aaron in his jammies watching tv in Chris’ chair. BUT!

The Backstory…Today is Tuesday, Subway and a movie, of course. When we picked up Aaron from school today he was FILTHY dirty. It was hot out, he was sweaty, and he immediately announced to us with pride, “I buried myself in the MULCH!”

nice. Well, his playground has black tire mulch, which is enough to ruin one pair of shoes per year and make a little sweaty boy permanently grubby. He has never been this dirty from school before so as soon as we got home I marched that stinky little man right up into the bath. So he was all clean for dinner and a movie. Wish I had a dirty picture of him…but after I held him away from everything, I was too dirty!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 3

Today we went out and bought Aaron a new boosterseat for car, and he is graduating out of his big car seat. It is a big boy milestone.

He likes it so far…and it’s not in the car yet.


Also, today is Aaron’s spring show for his school. Look how cute he was dolled up!!


His class was singing two Elvis songs, Teddy Bear and Hound Dog, so the kids were supposed to bring bears and dogs with them. Here is is with his class…and he looked very cute standing up there, but he did not sing A SINGLE WORD of either song. Not one. At least this time he went up on stage willingly, which was NOT the case for his Christmas show.


When we got home, Aaron wanted to play some croquet. Random, but he saw it in the garage and it caught his attention.