Friday, December 24, 2010

December 20

I LOVE our banister stocking garland!


December 19

We went to see Santa!! Aaron did a GREAT job! We have been prepping him and training him for weeks, and at first, he said he did not want to see Santa, and thought that the letter he wrote with Courtney should be enough. But then, he decided he wanted another toy, a Bumblebee Transformer. Since he didn’t include it in his letter, we told him that Santa wouldn’t know he wanted it unless he went to see him and tell him about it. :)

Eventually he changed his mind and decided he was excited to see Santa and so for the past few weeks he has been saying he wants to ask Santa for a tri-level garage for cars, one that has an elevator, a Bumblebee Transformer and books about Rudolph. When we finally got there, he panicked the second he saw him, even thought he had been so excited leading up to it. Thankfully, Aaron will go anywhere his Dad leads, so he walked right up to Santa while holding Chris’ hand. At first he just stood right in front of Santa and said, in a rehearsed kind of way, the three gifts he wanted, without even telling Santa his name! It went like this":

Chris: “Aaron say hi to Santa”

Santa: “Hello there! What’s your name?”

Aaron: “I want a garage for cars”

Chris: “Aaron, tell Santa your name.”

Santa: “Well hello Aaron”

Aaron: “and a Bumblebee Transformer”

Chris: “Aaron, you didn’t even say hello!”

Aaron: “and books about Rudolph"

Santa: “Well that sounds like a pretty good list!”


Then, Santa took out his Night Before Christmas book, the same one he took out last year to try to entice Aaron to come close enough for a picture. This year, it worked. :)

So proud of my little man!

December 18

Aaron’s Polar Express Train!! We have it set up in front of the village.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 17

Aaron looking around me to watch Rudolph. He loves Christmas movies.


December 16

Today was our first snow of the season!! It was just over an inch, enough to get us a two hour early release today AND a two hour delay the next morning! Aaron wanted to play outside…and here is my sweet little boy getting ready to go outside.













snow angel!!


George was in town for a meeting so he came down for dinner and a sleepover.




December 15

We had stuffed peppers for dinner tonight, a recipe I LOVE after trying many that were just bleh… and my tiny chef wanted to help, with EVERYTHING! He likes spooning the filling into the peppers. He was such a proud little guy!


December 14

This is my lovely dining room table Christmas centerpiece. Chris and I saw it a few years ago at the Yankee Candle Store and we thought it was so elegant and pretty! Sadly, once it gets set up, it is kinda neglected, because the dining room in general is pretty neglected, but it is still one of the decorations I like the most.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December 13

This a BEAUTIFUL poinsettia that Chris got from a parent of one of his leadership students. It was so nice of her to so graciously show her appreciating for everything Chris does with the leadership kiddos. I have never had a poinsettia in these colors and I just LOVE it! Might have to get one every year!


December 12

As soon as the tree was up, I wanted to get some gifts under there!! I am SO SO proud of the wrapping progress I have made so far. This is one year I WON’T be up until 2AM wrapping for Christmas morning!


Monday, December 20, 2010

December 11

Beautiful!! When we went to the VFW last night to get our tree (which we have been doing for maybe 6ish years?) they had the smallest selection we have ever seen there. It was only December 10th, and all the Frasier Firs were gone, which is what we usually get. We had to get a Douglas, and we just chose the biggest one they had left. It has turned out to be just PERFECT, I think it’s the nicest tree we have ever had! It’s just lovely, perfect shape and so dense! Aaron helped me decorate it today while Ash supervised and kept the Glee Christmas tunes coming.


December 10

We got our tree tonight! Photo tomorrow when it’s all finished!!


December 9

Some coloring time


December 8

In an effort to make sure I have pictures, I have taken to photographing the decorations I love most around the house. This is our countdown to Christmas Santa. There is a magnet in the little star and when you put it in a date pocket, Santa says something and his cheeks light up rosily. He says something different every day. Aaron loves to change the date!


December 7

no picture today

December 6

I love the Polar Express. Basically, it causes me to cry everytime I hear a Christmas bell.


December 5

of COURSE I’m not going to show you the Christmas card photo! What am I, stupid???

But here is a cute one from while we were staging to satisfy your curiosity.


December 4

But now I have one!!


yes, I realize how horrible I look in the picture. But I think it’s comical nonetheless. I was running to stand by the tree while testing out my camera’s timer. I wanted to know if I could make it to my spot in what I hope will be our family Christmas card photo.

Clearly, the answer is no. Need a plan B.

December 3

today too.

December 2

and today…

December 1


However, before we get too excited…I am missing A LOT of pictures for this month.

including today.


for shame.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

November 30

Just a little silliness with me boy. He took the picture of me. At least more of my face made it in the shot this time!


November 29

sigh. I love ribs. I have a recipe that I use to make them at home in the oven…I think it’s pretty amazing. Everyone loves ‘em, including Aaron.


his excessive rib enjoyment resulted in a food coma in Daddy’s arms.


November 28

Village set up with my little elfy helper. We have a Dept. 56 village, the North Pole. It is my fourth Christmas collecting, and it is looking SO awesome!! Aaron’s most favorite part is putting out the snow. He begged for it to be time for the snow ALL DAY.


I have a new neighborhood this year, ElfLand, on the left side table. On the right side table is the North Pole Woods.


ElfLand close up (I am hoping to build this up more over the next couple of years)


Down the main street of buildings to the village square


A closeup of some elf manufactories


The opposite view down the main street with Elfland in the distance