Monday, March 14, 2011

March 10

no picture today!

March 9

I love when Aaron takes out a toy or other amusement that he hasn’t used in a long time. Tonight he looked through his animal binder. We used to subscribe to these and get a pack sent every month or something like that. We stopped the subscription because it was just too much. But tonight, he turned through them one by one looking at each one carefully. When I was talking to him about it, I said, “Hey buddy, did you enjoy looking through your animal cards…animal book…animal…” and he said, “It’s an animal binder, Mommy.”



March 8

Its Tuesday! Subway and a movie!


guess what movie Aaron chose tonight?



March 7

Oh my GOODNESS, I am so excited today! This is my first day in my new classroom! I have moved back in the building after being in a trailer classroom since the start of the school year. We got 5 hours to come in yesterday and set up the rooms, so I am not done yet, but I LOVE it so far! The back wall of windows looks out on a beautiful courtyard. I will take some more pictures when its all ready and sunny.


March 6

Aaron likes to put my glasses on the morning. What a little CUTEY!!!! Can you stand it?!?!?!


March 5


Hi cool little guy!


March 4

Today is pajama day at Aaron’s school! He was so excited…but sadly for him. He wears them ALL day, including out on the playground, so I always get nervous about whether or not they will come back ruined! It is so cute to see the kids all hanging out in their jammies in the classroom.


March 3

The afterschool activity Aaron picked out for today was making a fort! So…here we are in it!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 2

Tonight we did the first grilling of the season! Hubby’s idea, so we got this four pack of AWESOMENESS at Costco and did it up!! My hubby is SO SO good at this. There is nothing like a steak by Cristo.


March 1

Okay…its MARCH! NEW BLOG HEADER NEEDED! I will get on that.

But not until I get on this!! Look at this giant Hershey’s Kiss! Fisher gave it to us and… turns out, it is REALLY hard to cut it into pieces.


February 28

Here is Aaron holding a creation from tonight. He drew himself holding an umbrella, and look at all that rain!


February 27

No picture today. What a stinkin’ bummer. Wait all this time for an update, and there isn’t even a picture.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Coming Friday!!

Check out this adorable preview of a beautiful new collab between Graham Like the Cracker and WM[squared]. Makes me feel like a blogheader change is in order!


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