Sunday, September 26, 2010

September 9

Today is my sister’s birthday :) I love her. :) This is a picture of us from 2001 when she came to visit us in Virginia. I have always loved this picture.

kim&kelly xmas01 visit

September 8

Well, this chair DID have my son in it…before he had a meltdown. Aaron will not be joining us for dinner tonight. sigh.


September 7

WE FOUND IT!! Okay, so you might not have known it was lost…but Tag Jr. was nowhere to be found. It is an absolutely essential part of our “keep Aaron entertained” battle plan, so when we are without it, it hurts. We looked and looked, and asked my parents to look and look, because we really couldn’t remember if it even made it back from California. BUT, it did. It was in Chris’ car. PHEW! I LOVE THIS TOY!


September 6

Oh…and of course the kettle corn. It is lucky to have lasted to Monday!!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

September 5

I took some photos of my bounty from today’s farmer’s market…we LOVE honeycrisp apples and brown asian pears. Pretty cool pictures, right?!?!!?

IMG_3616 sun flare IMG_3618 sunflare IMG_3619

September 4

Sarah and the girls came over for a little play time. Here is sweet little Shelby-doo, loving Aaron’s tractor and cars.

IMG_3606  IMG_3611

September 3

Aaron and Ash…enjoying some TV together. See the little mark above his lip from yesterday’s Minnieland owie?

 IMG_3593 IMG_3600  IMG_3603

Monday, September 20, 2010

September 2

I got a message on my classroom phone (that of course I didn’t know about for 2 hours…) that Aaron had an accident at Minnieland and they wanted to talk to me about it. I IMMEDIATELY freaked out, walked next door to Chris’ room and got the phone number to call. As usual…freak out unnecessary. Two boys were throwing cars to put them away and one hit Aaron on the lip, leaving a cut. He was fine, didn’t cry or anything. He sure did want to show it to us as soon as we picked him up!!


September 1

Aaron is eating a pepper like Rafiki again…I am so glad he loves his veggies!!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

August 31

Aaron brought home his very first school work today!! He was so proud, and he is doing a great job at school so far!


August 30


ohmygosh this is a BIG day!  We are going back to work and it’s Aaron’s first day of school!!

How cute is my little boy???


…getting so big. I did great while we were dropping him off, and he was a little quiet, but perfectly happy.

Then, while Chris and I were driving to school, I thought of all the little ways life will change for us now that he is in a daycare near our house, 30 minutes away from where we work, instead of at Maliha’s house right down the street. We used to be able to pop over there and bring him to school to watch sports games, or stay up and hang out with friends, and he was with us for our weekly trips to Costco every Monday. He loves to get a berry smoothie. That single thought, that Chris and I would be going there alone, and that Aaron wouldn’t be in the cart to beg for a smoothie, or hand our receipt to the receipt checker and ask for a smiley face on the back, is what brought the tears. I am so excited for all the things he will learn, but sad to say goodbye to his babyhood.

August 28

We are headed home today, and heading back to real life, in many ways. Got up early to finish packing and so Aaron could catch a new episode of Handy Manny, in which his nephew Chico is going to his first day of preschool. :)

Chris got a hankering for warm Krispy Kreme, and drove to get a half dozen for our farewell to Myrtle Beach breakfast. He came back with some hats, and how cute does Aaron look??


 IMG_3416   IMG_3422

August 29

Here is the little gardener harvesting his carrots. They are the only veggies that ever did anything after they were potted from his little organic veggie kit. He was SO excited to see them after taking care of them for so very long!!

 IMG_3509 IMG_3514 IMG_3518  IMG_3531  IMG_3562      IMG_3570

Saturday, September 18, 2010

August 27

**Scroll down for Design Girl birthday blog train!! 

sigh. i love him. i love the beach. together, it is all perfection.
IMG_3175 IMG_3183 IMG_3184

August 26

Thank god for you, kfc. What on earth would we do without you.


Friday, September 17, 2010

The Design Girl Birthday Blog Train!

Hi everybody, and welcome to  your next stop on this fabulous blog train celebrating The Design Girl’s birthday! You can head over to Danielle’s blog and wish her a happy day!

Here’s the full train list:

Andrea -
Nikki -
Donna - <---------you just came from here

Kim - <---------- Now you are here

Kris -
Tamara -
Vicky -
Carolyn -

Go check out her new kit in the store today. It’s My Birthday is full of bright fun colors and a mix of felt and real elements, that I found perfect for scrapping a grownup birthday! MINE!


Here’s what I made with it, using pictures from my 32nd birthday on Monday!

32 birthday spread left copy

32 birthday spread right copy

and now…the coordinating freebie you’ve been waiting for! I made a wordart that was inspired by my pages about my own birthday. I scrap a lot of pages of Aaron and family, but sometimes it is nice to scrap, and celebrate, ME!

TDG Packaging copy KK

Click on the preview above to get the dl link, and leave me a comment if you grabbed it! Now, off to your next stop, Kris’ blog, for another awesome brithday surprise!

Monday, September 6, 2010

August 25

Anniversary chocolates!!! Deeeelicious!


Sunday, September 5, 2010

August 24

We went to Ripley’s aquarium today. We came to Myrtle Beach in 2007 when Aaron was just a tiny peechoo and brought him to this aquarium then too. Then, he was just 5 months old and watched the fish swimming around, but how he is completely in love with fish and sharks. Here he is three years ago…

100_4338 and here he is now.  This aquarium has an exhibit called Dangerous Reef which is a slow moving walkway through a tunnel that goes through a hark and ray tank. You are surrounded by the tank and can see the sea life swimming next to you and above you. I LOVE this picture!!


August 23

Today we went across the street to the beach and just LOVED it. Aaron loves sitting right where the waves come up and trying to keep his balance. But even more than that, he loves playing in the sand. I love love love being at the beach. I would love to live on the beach someday. A retirement dream. How beautiful is this!??!!??IMG_2618 IMG_2685 IMG_2709

August 22

Today we hung around our room (we want LOTS of that on this vacation) and went to the pool. Chris and Aaron made some pudding and played with Aaron’s new counting blocks. I love these pictures of them spending time together.

IMG_2594   IMG_2603

August 21

Today is our 6th wedding anniversary!! We had a lovely breakfast at Cracker Barrel (I am LOVING their blueberry streusel  French toast!!) and kept heading towards Myrtle Beach, with about 4 hours left in our drive. We are staying in a timeshare there, one we haven’t stayed in before, and it is just AWESOME!! The towers make getting back and forth to the car (especially with a week’s worth of luggage and groceries) kind of a challenge, but EVERY unit has an ocean view, much to our surprise!


Aaron gets his very own room in this unit, and he is REALLY excited about that!!


August 20

Well, today I spent the WHOLE day packing, shopping and prepping for our week-long anniversary trip to Myrtle Beach. Chris took Courts to the airport for a two-week visit with her mom in Kentucky, and we hit the road (pretty late at night) to head south. We decided to drive until about midnight then stop and go the rest of the way tomorrow.

Here is Aaron, happy as a clam, watching Lion King in the back seat about 1 1/2 hours into our trip.


August 19

Here’s a pic of my new Keens. I bought them right before we went to CA and had the delivered to my parent’s house. I wore them for ALL of that walking around we did while we were there and they are SO comfy!! I think I am going to build my collection…


August 18


Hey…a cute picture of me AND Aaron! Rare, but great job getting this one, hubby!! IMG_2555

August 17

Aaron loves brussels sprouts!! Thank goodness, we have been trying to sell him on them for a long time because we have them with dinner A LOT. It just took a while…and now he is asking for them!