Friday, July 30, 2010

July 22

Ummm…I have too much stuff. Aaron and I need three suitcases to get to California. At least I will have room for purchases. Well, we’re off today! All posts will be from vacation from now until August 16th!


July 21

I have always wondered what Aaron would do if I just kept him up and didn’t put him to bed. He has a lot of energy, he is a loud rowdy boy, wide open, as my hubby says. He didn’t take a nap today, and Ashley came home tonight, so Aaron was up late hanging out and watching some Last Airbender. About 11:20, Aaron was laying between Ash and I on the couch watching the show and asked for a pillow. Next thing we knew, he was out, but shifted in his sleep until he was halfway hanging off the couch. He is actually SOUND asleep in these pictures. IMG_8794 IMG_8796

July 20

  While we had our chairs moved out of the kitchen so the floor could be swept and mopped (thanks, Courts) Aaron drew this great picture on his board. He said the mouth was shaped like a rhino. Most times when I am taking pictures he demands that I DO NOT take pictures of him. I try all kinds of low tricks, including lying, to try to get him in my lens. In this case, he did NOT want to be in a picture. Soooo…I told him in the first picture that I COULD see him, and that he would have to scoot a bit to the left to get out of the shot.  IMG_8777

That is how I got this second picture. HA! So I needed a flash to catch him, and I lost the image on the board, but look at that face! He thinks he is NOT showing in the picture! HA!


July 19

Aaron is playing on his laptop! In the bottom picture he is actually resting on me (see my plaid knee?) and really playing the learning games on it instead of just pressing buttons to hear the sounds.

IMG_8721 IMG_8726

July 18

Aaron and I are headed to California in a few days, and we will not see Chris or the girls for about two weeks. Chris has so much daily grading to do in summer school, but we are glad we have some time with him before we go. Chris and Aaron are concentrating hard on helping Manny get some things fixed at his tool bench.

IMG_8766 IMG_8768

Hey, someone’s calling, and they need help fixing something!


July 17

My new course started on July 5th, History and Culture of Central Asia. It is MUCH harder than I thought it would be so far. I had no idea how complex the history of the region is, and how confusing the study of that history is. My complete lack of background knowledge is not helping.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 16

Cute little guys sorts out his Nemo fruit snacks.

July 15

I have been spending a lot of time watching Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix. I have been promising my esteemed colleague Greg Hinton that I would check it out for a couple of years now…and I finally made time to do it. I am hooked. What an awesome cartoon. It is possible I have gotten Aaron hooked too…


look…it’s the fire nation attacking.


July 14

Summer feet at the sand table.



July 13

Aaron takes the arrival of a toy catalog in the mail very seriously.


Aaron has been doing this cute “wink and thumbs up” gesture for a long time. For some reason he translates that into the funny shap you see him making with his mouth, and then he always erupts into pirate sounds while making this face. Arrrgh, arrrgh, and on and on. So, I asked him to make a pirate face so I could take some pictures, and this is what I got…a whole lot of adorable silliness.


 IMG_8670 IMG_8674 IMG_8678 IMG_8679

Saturday, July 17, 2010

July 12

Me and my boy!

IMG_8649 IMG_8651 IMG_8653

July 11

Here is my summer haircut, without the funky salon blowdry job.


Aaron got a new Woot today, a Woody fathead!! He loves it and it looks so realistic!

IMG_8615 IMG_8621

Aaron loves his sister!IMG_8640

July 10

Today Aaron wanted to play with his letter matching cards, which he has tried before, but they are pretty hard when he insists on choosing a letter card first and then trying to find a pictured that goes with it. Once I convinced him that if he started with a picture he would have more success, and he actually finished the whole set for the first time. I was so proud of him!!

IMG_8498 IMG_8508 IMG_8517 IMG_8525

Then I went to get my hair cut, more on that later, and we watched The Pixar Story, which Aaron and I were completely captivated by!

IMG_8529 IMG_8536

July 9


Today Neecers and Eric came over to go swimming in the lake and have dinner. We had a great time at the lake, the water was so warm, just awesome, and the boys played hard. Aaron did a GREAT job swimming around and going underwater. He is light years better than our traumatic attempts at swimming while we were in Lake George…and I am going to chalk that up to the cold temperatures and not having been swimming in months. In any case…Aaron didn’t have a nap today because of our activities, and when I put on a movie for him this evening, this is what happened…


if you know Aaron, you know that this is pretty gosh darn rare. He doesn’t stop, let alone just fall asleep without being PUT to bed, and sometimes, not even then. Little boomy tired guy.

July 8

Nothing wrong with a little Lego play in your jammies, that’s what I always say. I set up the fire station and police station Legos in my room so that Aaron could play while I hang out in my chair and do scrapping/grad school stuff on my computer. I love to watch him play.

IMG_8488 IMG_8490

Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 7

What a fun day! Today I met my scrapping friend Jan in real life for the first time. She is a scraptastic lady I met on ScrapMatters, and found out she lives nearby, and after several months of talking and scrapping together, we met up for a lovely lunch and fantastic dessert in Falls Church. Aaron stayed home with Chris (and of course didn’t take a nap…) and I enjoyed a few hours out of the house just hanging out having girl conversation. She sent me home with some of her homemade Spicy Peach Vanilla Jam and we are going to keep the get-togethers going!

IMG_8483 copy

July 6

Hey…my phone camera has a zoom now!! suh-weeet!

042 045

July 5

Hooray, it is our first trip to Busch Gardens of the season! I did not bring my camera this time since it is just the two of us, I have a LOT nicer camera this year than last year, and I don’t want to risk it. I will take it will us at some point, but here are some pictures from our SCORCHING trip. We went to BG until about 3, ate a picnic lunch in our air conditioned car and then headed over to Water Country to cool off. We had a great time. Aaron doesn’t seem to remember anything form BG, even though we made 10 or so trips last summer, and that left me feeling kinda sad, but he is still finding all of it fun. We watched the 3D Elmo show for the first time and it was very cute. We will head back soon and make the most of our annual pass.

071 075  077  082     091 095 096

July 4

Here are some phone pics from our drive home from Boston, which is how we spent most of today. When we got home, it was laundry and unpacking!! Aaron is playing with his good buddy in the care, we stopped at a (pretty cruddy) rest stop in New Jersey that was called Thomas Edison, and when I wanted to take Aaron’s picture through my seat back head rest, he told me not to. I told him I was taking a picture of his stuffed animal, not of him, and he said “You aren’t taking a picture of that, you DID take a picture of me, you lied.”


058 064 065