Monday, February 28, 2011

February 26

Today we went to a memorial service for an Edison graduate who died in a car crash, and Aaron stayed over with Colleen and Cameron. Afterwards, we went over to have dinner with their fam. We had a really nice time just sitting around and socializing, and we got to see Colleen and Scott’s new house.

This is how we found them when we got back…they were icing cookies that they made.


They have a little lake by their house and we went for a walk. They are in a really nice neighborhood.


I’m thinking engagement photos…whatdya think?


The Hawkins also came over for dinner, turns out they live right down the street from Colleen and Scott’s new house, and we haven’t seen them since Cameron’s birthday party in September! Here are the kids, Cameron, Aaron, Ben and Molly, watching Bolt while we sit at the table behind them and socialize. Ben let us know a few times that we were talking and laughing too loud and they couldn’t hear the movie.


February 25

I love how when Aaron picks up his iPod he always goes to the books on it instead of the games.


February 24

Aaron got sent to his room tonight for something or other…and then he put himself in bed, surrounded himself with his friends, and fell asleep with the lights on. love him.


February 23

Good morning! Aaron enjoys a banana before we leave for school.


February 22

Tuesday…Subway and a movie! Toy Story 3 tonight!

February 21

Hugs and kisses for Daddy while they make dinner together.

February 20

Did a little impromptu photo session because Aaron was looking so cute before heading out to run some errands with Daddy while I work on my paper.
pretty cute huh? I love all his different smiles.
and…Chris cleaned off his desk. YOU CAN SEE THE TOP!!!!

February 19

This a paper weekend for me, which means not much interaction with the family and not much done around the house. However, in an effort to put the paper off as long as possible, I put roomba to work around the house, and then took a break to clean him out. Handy Aaron brought me a hat and grabbed some tools so he could help me out.

Aaron fell asleep while watching some TV with his dad. Such a precious, and SWEATY sleeper!

February 18

We had some really mild weather today! It seems like Spring really is on the way. Aaron got to go out and play afterschool at his sand table.

February 17

I made this picture extra large so you all can see it…I am SO proud of the job my boy did on the Valentine’s for his classmates! The tiny area on the front was WAY too small for him to write on, so he wrote the name of each and every classmate on the back. It was REALLY hard work, and he got frustrated, and so did I…and it took about 2 hours all together. (we took breaks though!) Didn’t he do a GREAT job?!?!?? You can make out most of those names!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 16

Here’s Aaron and Courtney, both working on “homework.” So cute.

February 15

Another morning reading shot…look at that wetted down hair!

February 14

Here are some Valentine shots!
Delicious white chocolate covered popcorn…we WILL be making this again!
Here I am with my little sweetie and the Valentime’s flowers he picked out for me. They were delivered to my classroom. He was SO proud that he picked them out himself!
Our Valentine’s mantle
And our gifts from Chris
Aaron’s goodies from Ash

February 13

Hey look…we had a living room under there! Aaron is playing with his iPod Touch (my old phone, which he adores) on the couch. The room has been all tidied up and vacuumed and looks great! I enjoyed hanging out with him on the couch while he read digital books and I read for my class.

February 12

well okay…I guess it’s time to put away my Christmas village. I had been putting it off because it is such a big job, and then put it off some more because I had a paper due. Well…now I have ANOTHER paper due in two weeks, but I CAN’T let it stay out until March, so…today it is. By the time it was done, it had taken 5 hours of work. Aaron was a GREAT helper again, just like he was when we put it up in November.

February 11

We had a fun spontaneous evening tonight! Colleen and Cameron unexpectedly had nothing to do, so they came over for a playdate! Here’s the kiddos watching UP while Colleen and I get a little attention from Cristo.

February 10

Tonight we headed over to the AT&T store to get my phone upgraded to an iPhone 4! I LOVE IT!
Then we enjoyed a celebratory dinner at Red Robin. MAN I love that Bleu Ribbon Burger!

February 9

Here are some morning pictures of Aaron. He is reading a Sweet Pickles book while we pack up our lunch bag and get ready to head to school.

February 8

It’s Tuesday, and that means Subway and a movie. I have really started looking forward to this little tradition. Here are some shots from Aaron’s pick this week, Finding Nemo. I love how he always laughs at the same parts of the movie in loud belly chuckle, as if he has never seen it before.